Emergency sunglasses

Gafas de emergencia - remedio esquimal

Have you forgotten your sunglasses and you are going to a snow area? There is an emergency solution. It is an Eskimo invention to prevent damage from sunlight in situations of maximum exposure. It consists of placing an opaque screen on glasses or equivalent support, making a small longitudinal groove on each small screen. The result: we have lower focal amplitude, but we greatly reduce the impact of sunlight on the eyes. It is more effective than dark glasses, although of course it is always better to wear quality sunglasses!  Enjoy the snow safely!!!

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Why should we not pet dogs in the bush?

Mastín en el monte

If you like dogs as much as us, if you are concerned about animal welfare, please do not touch or feed them when you find one in the bush. They are not pets, but shepherd dogs or herd defence dogs. Their survival and work depends on not being too accustomed to dealing with humans, and they do to engage in the environment, do their job and defend themselves from other animals.

If you feed them, if you caress them, the dogs end up "bad", too used to human presence, and do not do their job properly.

Every year shepherd dogs are abandoned or killed (by humans or wild animals) due to our misunderstanding of their role.  They become unuseful in their work and their owners are concerned with them no more. We can fill our lovely pets with pampering, but we must let those who are in the bush work.

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