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Peels go home – litter and trekking

Litter at nature

Today we talk about litter at nature. And the problems of trekking, generating garbage in the middle of nature. Unfortunately, it is still too common. And in many cases, it is probably due to ignorance. The questions are: what to do with the garbage when I go hiking? Can I throw the fruit peelings out […]

The nine see baths tradition

Beach at the occidental coast of Asturias

September arrives and with it, a tradition very settled by these lands. The 9 bathrooms. Do you know what it is? It is said that if during the month of September you take nine baths in a row, of at least 9 waves, you protect yourself from colds throughout the year. Do you know what […]

Horreos and Paneras


Today we want to tell you about one of the most typical constructions of Asturias, the horreos (and paneras) It is not the only typical Asturian construction, but perhaps the most famous. There are thousands of them. Rare is the town where you do not find some horreos. What were they for? Mainly, for storage. […]

How long is my MIDE? The MIDE as a method to measure hiking difficulty

MIDE measurement method

Hello, we present our new post.  In this oportunity we talk about the MIDE method, an objective method to measure the difficulty of a hiking trail. How do you know if a trekking route is easy or difficult? How difficult is a hiking trail? We are talking about it here. We bet on the MIDE […]

Asturian local breeds. El Asturcon


Today we would like to tell you about one of the breeds of native animals around here: “Los Asturcones”. Within the native asturian breeds, it is perhaps the best known. They are small horses, but strong and sturdy, and very hairy in winter. Although there are representations of horses in these land since the Paleolithic, […]

Frost. Beauty and danger in the snow

Escarcha en la nieve

I am sure you know the frost well, and more now during winter. But do you know which dangers they have linked to snow? The frost is formed at night, by the drop of temperature and the condensation of water on the surface (in this case, on the snow). This water can come from the […]

Social media and Nature preservation


  Lets talk about social media and Nature preservation.  Have you ever thought that we can affect seriously Nature, just because of how we use Social Media?  Watch our video blog and we wait your comments.  English subtitles     Asturian Ways Channel

Tips for trekking. Today, ticks.


  Tips for trekking.  Have you ever had problems with ticks and other insects.  Today, we talk about ticks.  (english subtitled)     Asturian Ways Channel