July 3, 2023 @ 8:54 pm – 9:54 pm
55 €

We present our cycle of hiking routes in Asturias, summer 2023. During this summer, we offer you tailor-made routes, starting from two people. Depending on your tastes, interests and physical shape, we can guide you on some of the best routes in Asturias.

We have a wide range of possible routes. We organise routes in Asturias all year round, so we can offer you many options. If you want more information, see our HIKES IN ASTURIAS.

As you can see, there are many possible options. We offer you from simple hiking routes to others that require good physical fitness. From routes along the coast to routes through the Asturian mountains, passing through forests, waterfalls, gorges, remains of the civil war... Asturias is a world to be discovered....

In this case, we offer you to choose your favourite route. The first person to sign up chooses. If there are more people interested, you can join the proposal, or look for another available date in the agenda.

Basic information about our routes:

Routes on demand. First come, first served.
From 2 people upwards. If you are travelling alone, you can sign up for a guaranteed route, or wait for someone else to sign up.
Passenger van transport included, if you are in Oviedo or Gijón, subject to availability. If you are in another place, ask us, maybe we can find a solution.
Guided route by a professional mountain and tourism guide.
Loan of walking sticks.
Languages: Spanish, English or German.
RC and accident insurance.

Interesting. But what about the price? For each activity, the price per person is 55 euros. If you are a regular customer, the price is 37 euros. All prices are VAT INCLUDED

OK, but, and all this? How does it work?

Let me tell you:

Book your date. In the registration form, you will see if there are already reserved places. If in doubt, send us a whatsapp to 698934077 and we will inform you.
We will contact you, if we haven't done it before, to specify the route, timetables, details, clothes and essential items in your backpack...
The day before we send you a message reminding you of the route, confirming times, meeting point, expected weather... those things.

You know that as far as the weather is concerned, our criterion is that we always go out in the mountains. You know the saying that it's not bad weather, but inappropriate clothing. Of course, there are two exceptions:

Weather warnings
Weather conditions that, although they do not constitute an alert, put the safety of the excursion at risk.

Because your safety comes first, of course.

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