September 17, 2023 all-day
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This Sunday we continue our cycle of hiking in Asturias "Ta de playa". In this case, we will go to the area of Oviñana.

In our cycle "Ta de playa" we seek to combine hiking along the coast of Asturias with the possibility of taking a dip in very interesting and uncrowded places.


Oviñana is known for its cliffs, and for the occasional photogenic bench, but it hides much more. Apart from its scenic interest, there are two little known and accessible details. One is its past as a shellfish (lobster) port and the other is a cave that, once you get to know it, will blow your mind.....

Nivel fácil

EASY LEVEL (except for the descent to the Cuevona)

In this case, the route is very easy and accessible, except for the descent to the cave. For the descent to the cave, there is a very short climb, about 3 metres high, but it requires a bit of skill. And you need to hold on to a rope.

In this case, the route takes about 6 hours, but we will adjust it depending on the low tide hours, in order to get closer to the cave.

You know that when it comes to the weather, our criterion is that you always go out in the mountains. You know the saying that it's not bad weather, it's the wrong clothes. Of course, there are two exceptions:

Weather warnings
Weather conditions that, although they do not constitute an alert, put the safety of the excursion at risk.

Because your safety comes first, of course.

Here are the technical details and some photos of the route.

Ruta Oviñana perfil Ruta Oviñana MIDE

Remember that we provide the poles.

Do you want to join us?

If you want more info about the route, click here

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