September 16, 2023 all-day
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This Saturday we will do one of our hiking routes in Asturias, within the cycle "DE PICOS PARDOS". In this case, we will trek to Peña Ubiña la pequeña, in the Natural Park of Ubiñas - La Mesa.

In our cycle "DE PICOS PARDOS" we propose you a cycle of routes to the high Asturian mountains. That is, Picos de Europa and the Ubiñas massif. This time of the year is usually the ideal time of year to visit these peaks, and the views are usually truly spectacular. Routes like this one place Asturias among the jewels of the international mountain world. If you want more info about this and other of our routes in Asturias, go to our WALKING ROUTES IN ASTURIAS.

In this case the route goes towards Peña Ubiña, the small one. It is a route of about 11.8 km, round trip, with the option of doing a small circular section. It is a route with more than 800 metres of difference in altitude.

Nivel moderado

MODERATE-HIGH LEVEL ROUTE. The difficulty of the route is the last stretch of the climb up the mountain. Without being exposed and dangerous sections, there are small stretches on steep slopes with loose soil, so you must walk with caution. In addition, as we are in a high mountainous area, we should always be extra careful.

The estimated time for this route is approximately 7 hours.

As you can see, this route could be summarised as a route to one of the best known peaks in the Ubiñas-La Mesa area. By the way, despite its name (Peña Ubiña la Pequeña), it does not detract at all from its big sister.

All our activities include the route guided by a professional mountain and tourist guide, with accident and civil liability insurance.

We also offer transport in our passenger van, with stops in Gijón and Oviedo, subject to availability.

You know that when it comes to the weather, our criterion is that we always go out into the mountains. You know the saying that there is no bad weather, just the wrong clothes. Of course, there are two exceptions:

Weather warnings
Weather conditions that, although they do not constitute an alert, put the safety of the excursion at risk.
Because your safety comes first, of course.

Here are the technical details and some photos of the route.


Perfil ruta Peña Ubiña pequeña

MIDE Peña Ubiña Pequeña

Peña Ubiña

Peña Ubiña

Recuerda que los bastones los ponemos nosotros.

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