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Only qualified personnel, with official qualifications. All activities with insurance in order, free consultation.

Quality goes through professionalism in service and your protection as a customer. Therefore, all the staff that serve you will be professionally qualified with official titles for their activity and all the activities you do with us will have the legally required insurance. You can consult us the data at any time.



Our ancestors bequeathed this land to us. Let us help his descendants keep it.

The best way to conserve a territory is to support those who live there in conserving it. That is why we support local food and family-friendly accommodations. In addition, as visitors we can put our grain of sand, avoiding the generation of waste, the deterioration of the environment and the realization of polluting activities. We will travel in small groups

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Do not just know our land. Get to know us.

We would like you to wait to see beautiful places and enjoy, and when you leave us you will take, in addition a little piece of our history, our culture, our character and our humour. You will have tasted the best of our food and slept in charming places.



Come and see us, and come ready to laugh!

We would like you to feel like a friend we have meet for ages! That is why we want to teach you this land as we do with our friends. We teach them the best that sets us apart, and we laugh at ourselves. The irony and humour here is in our way of life. We would love that, when you get home, you say goodbye saying:




Xuan Piedehierro

Guide of half a mountain and nature, in love with art, culture, history and the relationships between human beings and nature. I love travelling, but I prefer not only that, but also understand more than I see.

So far I have travelled and searched for new paradises, I finally discovered that I live in one of them. A small plot full of stunning corners, and also with culture, history, traditions and life forms of their own.

I would like to show you as a friend would do, and so we help making this land a sustainable paradise for those who visit us and for those of us who live here.

Are you coming with me?

Asturian ways is a travel agency, code AV.330.AS and an active tourism company, code TA.311.AS

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