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September arrives and with it, a tradition very settled by these lands. The 9 bathrooms.

Do you know what it is? It is said that if during the month of September you take nine baths in a row, of at least 9 waves, you protect yourself from colds throughout the year.

Do you know what the reasons are? Well, there are several opinions. Some say it’s because in September the sea has more iodine. In other cases, because the sea temperature and the ambient temperature is very similar. In others, because September is the time when the sea has the highest temperature of the year, and has a certain thermal effect.

A bit confusing, yes. The truth is that we have found no scientific basis to support this rite. But it is true that sea baths are healthy. And it is customary for spa treatments to last about ten days.

I knew it as a local custom. But searching, I have seen that in many parts of Asturias and Galicia there is this tradition. And looking for even more, also in the South, in Almeria.

And you, do you have any similar tradition?

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