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Few people know that there were many more mines than just coal mines all around the north of Spain. In addition, most people does not know very much about mining before the 19th century. This is a very interesting and very little known example…

It all starts in the middle of Bronze Age, around 1500 BC.  In order to obtain bronze, it was necessary to get copper and tin. Moreover, here we find a copper mine from that time, with galleries excavated and perhaps the first catalogued mining accident in history.

The mine was abandoned until the 19th century.  At that time, Belgian engineer Van Straalen located the remains of this mine. Buried in a gallery, he found 16 human bodies, some with hammers on his hands. Then it was said that they were ritual burials. Today some say it was the first recorded mining accident in history.

The mine was re-opened with English capital, through “The Aramo Cooper Mines Ltd.”  They built new galleries, buildings and more treatment settlements. The mine was closed and opened several times until it was definitely closed in 1960.

Currently, you can visit the environment, in the middle of nature, its facilities, as well as the entrances, both Neolithic and contemporary ones. It is very dangerous to enter the bowels of the mountain, but you can see remains of mining activity just at the first steps. Hole marks, abandoned wagons, digging wells…


This place will be part of our themed trips. A walk through nature, history and our industrial heritage.

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