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Hiking as therapy. Improve your mental health.

Hiking is an activity that not only benefits our body, but also, and I would almost say above all, our mental health.
I would almost say above all, our mental health. Here are some of the benefits that this practice has for the mind:

 Improves self-esteem: The practice of any sport improves the mood state of mind. Hiking, by releasing endorphins, provides a feeling of well-being and reduces pain. Being in contact with nature further enhances this pleasurable feeling.

 Recharges energy: Hiking is an aerobic exercise that burns calories and, being outdoors, it also improves memory. This positive combination for the body and mind fills us with energy.

 Develops the ability to concentrate (mindfulness): By disconnecting from electronic devices and turning off notification, hiking gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves. The senses focus on the present, forgetting the outside world and concentrating on what we are doing. Of course, for that you have to switch off your phone or put it on silent, you know.


 Socialisation and social support: Hiking can be a social activity, whether shared with friends, family or specialised groups. Social interaction and emotional support contribute to positive mental health. In our case, we propose small group activities. Generally, these are groups of a maximum of 8 people. We believe that in small groups there is more social interaction than in large groups.

 Digital disconnection and reduction of technological stress: Hiking offers the opportunity to disconnect from our usual environment and reduce the information overload to which we are subjected every day by our electronic devices.
electronic devices.

 Improves your mood and helps to combat depression: physical activity such as hiking, activates the release of endorphins, a neurotransmitter that neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers. Also sunlight is also proven to help against the symptoms of depression. Long live vitamin C…

 Increases creative capacity: Getting away from technology boosts creativity levels. Spending time enjoying nature stimulates the mind and allows us to disconnect from constant digital stimulus. And if you believe me, look at us. We’re always coming up with new proposals. Many of our ideas come to us precisely when we are in the mountains.


In short, hiking is a sport that is really beneficial for our mental health and, what’s more, it’s economical, accessible and fun. Without a doubt, hiking can become an integral component of a holistic approach to emotional and psychological wellbeing.
emotional and psychological wellbeing.

And if you come with us, it’s even better. Remember that we have proposals all year round, from day hikes to weekend getaways and longer trips of around one day hikes.
longer trips of around a week’s duration. So just take a look and sign up, or send us a message and ask us. We’re nice people…

And remember that if you want to do something for you and your partner or people close to you, we also organise things on demand. Send us a message to our contact form and we’ll talk to you.

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