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(Walk during the daylight, the night is mine)

Sustainability, helping nature.  What should I do when I have to shit?


This is the Blog post I’ve wanted to do, since we started on the page. I know it looks rude, but it’s much more important than it looks. And not only because of the smells, but because of the ecological impact and human risks:

– Droppings can contaminate lakes and streams, as well as, by infiltration, mountain springs. Viruses, bacteria, protozoa and other parasites can contaminate human-consuming water.

– Paper contamination. It can take up to a year to completely decompose.

– Risks of poor hygiene after making water bigger and lower

Of course, nature has been the public bath of humans and animals for millennia, and in low densities and conducive environmental conditions, it can be beneficial for the terrain. But as hikers or hikers, we are beings outside the ecological balance, and that is why we must try to reduce our impact as much as possible.

That’s why it’s important to keep in mind some simple tips:

– On short excursions, it is ideal to have solved the problem at home. The best way to avoid the impact of a residue on nature is not by generating it.

– Avoid places near roads or lakes, streams or rivers. A minimum distance of 50-60 meters is recommended.

– If possible, dig a small hole where you can then bury it. Ideally it is soil with loose and sunny soil.

– If you use fig paper, do not throw it away. Take it in a watertight bag until you find a trash can or dumpster, already at home. Another option is to burn the paper. In that case, make sure you completely burn the paper, and that the fire is completely off before you leave. It would no longer be the first fire caused by this recklessness.

– Wet wipes, compresses, tampons, etc… we have to put them in a bag and throw them in a container, already at home.

– We must wash our hands afterwards, to avoid the risk of infections by our own hands.


I promise to be less scatological in upcoming blogs, but if you go out into the wild from time to time and see how some corners are by the roads, you will understand me perfectly…

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