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Today we talk about litter at nature. And the problems of trekking, generating garbage in the middle of nature. Unfortunately, it is still too common. And in many cases, it is probably due to ignorance.

The questions are: what to do with the garbage when I go hiking? Can I throw the fruit peelings out there?

There is a belief that, as well as fruit skins are organic waste, they can be thrown away in nature without any problem, because it is not harmful, but even natural fertilizer for the forest.

Wrong. It is true that fruit skins, nuts, etc. are organic waste, and that they decompose naturally in nature. But it is necessary to take into account the specific place and the context. In a mountainous place, in winter, with really cold temperatures, without relevant presence of insects, the organic waste takes quite a long time to decompose. Moreover, each ecosystem already has its own circumstances of environmental balance. Therefore, a supplement of organic residue to the already existing one only breaks the existing balance.

Moreover, this is especially important on regular trekking routes. When we visit “popular” places the impact of hiking on nature is greater, and if we throw our organic waste in the area, we cause an increase that the ecosystem cannot assume. And we turn an idyllic place into a dunghill. For example, just take a look at the photo.

Therefore, it is important that on our hiking routes, we bring all our waste back home. Even organic waste.

In addition, it is preferable not to throw the garbage in the containers of the villages, but in those near your home. Keep in mind that most of the time, the garbage truck does not pass through these places with as much affluence as it does in our neighborhoods. And even more so, in the case of waste that can be separated (plastic, glass, organic…).

So, please, avoid throwing any kind of garbage in the nature, take it with you and deposit it separated in the nearest containers to your home.

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