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You know that we are from Asturias, but we have a Cantabrian vocation in terms of our area of movement. We believe that there are many points in common between the lands and the people who live in the north of the Cantabrian mountain range. Mountains, cows and rain unite a lot. I don’t know if in that order.

And taking advantage of our trip to Rías Baixas, we would like to tell you about the Festival de Cans, a parish in the municipality of O Porriño, Pontevedra. The name alone says a lot about the festival. And not only because Cans is a Galician parish with a similar name to the French town, but also because “can” means “dog” in Galician. Hence the logo.

This film festival is now in its 19th edition, and the last one had more than 10,000 attendees. It has its own “Costa Azul” (“costa” in Galician means “slope”) and has such interesting cinematographic spaces as “Casa de Mari”, “Baixo de Alfonso”, “Invernadoiro” or “Cuberto de Chelo”. In general, old cellars, warehouses, stables… which for the festival are transformed into multi-purpose halls with natural wood seats (benches). It is forbidden to protest if a cat suddenly appears in the hall.

As the parish is small and parking is difficult, they ask you to leave your car outside and use public transport to get there from Vigo or Porriño. And they use a Chimpibús (a tractor) for internal transport. The need for a mobility plan.

Of course, they have a professional jury, but I’ll stick with the neighbourhood jury, with ex-cleaner Alfira and ex-taxi driver Antonio as the longest-serving members.

I leave you the link to their official website, so that you can read them as I do, with a smile on your lips.

Link to Cans Festival

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