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La Puya'l Ramu

La puya'l ramu. Tradiciones en Asturias.

We present to you an ancestral Asturian tradition. It has been since the 14th century documented, although it is believed to have pre-Christian origins, similar to the German Erntedank and other European festivities linked to crops.

It is currently linked to the religious festivals at the villages. Several espelt breads are blessed, after the procession of the saint or virgin of the people and the Mass. There are also breads from other cereals or even, as in the photo, sweet roscas. The breads are placed in a pyramidal structure full off with flowers, branches and ribbons.

Then, there is an auction. It is said that these blessed breads may protect you and your family. Actually, the auction money is used for church maintenance and charitable expenses. Currently, the money is used to pay the festival expenses. Sometime, people bid more than 50 euros for any of them!


It is a very important event, so many people dress the traditional costumes. And you can feel traditional music and dances.

Photo: Rocío Fernández

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